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straight cut
V-shaped necklines became more and more popular in the 60’s, as women wore less structured clothes. Wearing an Prom Dresses with a V-neck is a sensible way to stretch out the neck and display your collarbones. The depth of a V-neck can vary, ranging from a short v-shape to a deep plunge, so if you’re worried about revealing too much cleavage, be sure to try on the dress prior to purchasing. V-necklines are universally flattering and working well with any body type.
A strapless neckline is a fantastic way to display your neck, shoulders and collarbones. A strapless neckline for an Prom Dresses 2011 looks elegant. The shape of a  bride dresses neckline can also vary, and popular strapless shapes include sweetheart and straight-across cuts. A sweetheart cut of a strapless dress is shaped like the top of a heart and can show a little more cleavage than a straight cut. While a straight-across line can provide more coverage on top and still look sexy and flattering


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